Delaware Lawyer – Publication

We hope you enjoy reading Delaware Lawyer, the magazine of the Delaware Bar Foundation. Issues are in order of Spring, Summer, Fall Winter from 1990 – 2016.  Prior to 1990, issues are in order of Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

2017 – VOLUME 35
Spring No.1: Protecting the Public
Summer No.2: Appraising Appraisal: Valuation Challenges and Other Deal Litigation
Fall No.3: Law & the Arts: Copyrights, stolen art, a music-loving judge and more

2016 – VOLUME 34
Spring No.1: Capital Punishment: Reconsidering Its Procedures and Costs
Summer No.2: Human Trafficking: Challenges to Ending Modern-Day Slavery
Fall No.3: Elections and The Law: Improving Democracy’s Most Important Tool
Winter No.4: Data Security: Tips for Mobile Devices, Social media, eMail & Courtroom Technology

2015 – VOLUME 33
Spring No.1: Drugs: Crime, Addiction, Rehabilitation, Research
Summer No.2: The Young Lawyer: Obstacles & Solutions for a New Age
Fall No. 3: The Changing Face of Intellectual Property
Winter No. 4: Protecting Our Future: Saving Children at Risk

2014 – VOLUME 32
Spring No.1: In-House Counsel Issue: Practical Insights & Opportunities
Summer No.2: Criminal Law Issue: Incarceration, Reentry, and Building Social Capital
Fall No.3: The Technology Issue: Risks and Responsibilities In Managing Technology
Winter No. 4: Wilmington at the Crossroads

2013 – VOLUME 31
Spring No.1: Health Care’s New Face: How the PPACA is Changing the Rules.
Summer No.2: Delaware Courts: A User’s Manual
Fall No.3: Navigating the Appellate Courts: Advice from the Experts.Notes: Appellate Issue
Winter No.4:Coping with Climate Change: Moving from Argument to Adaptation

2012 – VOLUME 30
Spring/Summer  No 1: Marking Three Decades of Service.
Fall No 2: Money! Money! Money! Solving Delaware’s Revenue Puzzle.
Winter No 3: Sports & The Law Sports & The Law articles with endnotes

2011 – VOLUME 29
Spring  No 1: Game Changers, Visionary Attorneys who Altered Delaware’s Legal Landscape.
Summer  No. 2: Justice In Peril, The Mounting Threat To Our Independent Judiciary.
Fall No. 3: Modern Families, The Civil Union and Equality Act of 2011.
Winter No. 4: Protecting Our Republic: Renewed Restraints on Government Power.

2010/2011 – VOLUME 28
Spring No. 1: Public Education in Delaware: High Hopes, Big Challenges
Summer No. 2: Chris White Remembered
Fall No. 3: At the Crossroads: Conflict and Concord Between Bankruptcy and Corporate Law
Winter No 4: Up And Away, Rising Above Lawyers’ Stressful Lifestyle

2009 – VOLUME 27
Spring No. 1:Remembering Seven Great Delaware Jurists
Summer No. 2: Delaware Goes Green: Leading The Nation in Clean, Smart Environmental Policy
Winter No. 3: The Delaware Advantage” In Danger?
Fall No. 4: The Intersection of Law and Technology

2008/2009 – VOLUME 26
Spring No. 1 Folk at 40: The Past and the Future of the Delaware General Corporation Law
Summer No. 2: Prescribing Remedies to Fix a Flawed Health Care System
Winter No. 3: Crime & Punishment: Examining Aspects of Criminal Law Practice in Delaware
Fall No. 4: Intellectual Property Law: The Economic Power of Creativity

2007 – VOLUME 25
Spring No. 1: Silver Celebration, A Look Back And Ahead – At The Legal Profession In Delaware
Summer No. 2: Watch Your Step, Navigating the Workers’ Compensation Maze in Delaware Requires Solid Footing
Winter No. 3: Law and Water, Protecting the First State’s Most Valuable Environmental Resource
Delaware Lawyer’s Complete Conversation with Russ Peterson.
Fall No. 4: Addressing the Complex Bond Created in the Attorney/Client Relationship

2006 – VOLUME 24
Spring No. 1: Define and Defend: Shaping America’s Families
Summer No. 2:Life After the Law: The “R” Word
Winter No. 3: Staying Ahead Of The Curve: Women And The Law In Delaware
Fall No. 4: Chapter by Chapter, The First State’s Contributions to Bankruptcy Law

2005 – VOLUME 23
Spring No. 1:Pro Bono Publico
Summer No. 2: William E. Wiggin: Delaware Lawyer’s Man of Letters Remembered
Winter No. 3: Our Jury Tradition- Letting People Decide
Fall No. 4: When Hollywood Came to Delaware

2004 – VOLUME 22
Spring No. 1: Brown vs. Board of Education
Summer No. 2: Environmental Challenges: In Search of a Cleaner World
Winter No. 3: William E. Wiggin
Fall No. 4: Office of Disciplinary Counsel

2003 – VOLUME 21
Spring No. 1: Walking the Tightrope: Lawyers Confront the New Era of Corporate Responsibility
Summer No. 2: Terrorism Comes Home: The Challenge of Security on a Free Society
Winter No. 3: The Politics of Law: How Lawyers Shape Laws and Policy
Fall No. 4: Capital Punishment:A Matter of Life and Death

2002 – VOLUME 20
Spring No. 1:The Delaware Bar Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Summer No. 2: Checking Vital Signs: Medicine and the Law
Winter No. 3: Civil Rights in Delaware: Where Are We Now?
Fall No. 4: The Courthouses of Delaware

2001 – VOLUME 19
Spring No. 1: The Business of Law
Summer No. 2: Sex and the Law
Winter No. 3: Pat Ciarrocchi Interviews 3 Pioneers of the Delaware Bar
Fall No. 4: A Great Generation

2000 – VOLUME 18
Spring No. 1: De Senectute
Summer No. 2: Endangered Privacy
Winter No. 3: Delaware, Clogged Wonder
Fall No. 4: IP in DE: From Mousetraps to Metatags

1999 – VOLUME 17
Spring No. 1: Titanic: Legal Battles
Summer No. 2: The Embattled Family
Winter No. 3: Lawyers and Government
Fall No. 4: Retrospectives on the 20th Century

1998 – VOLUME 16
Spring No. 1: The Evolution of Control
Summer No. 2: Five Pioneers: The Pursuit of Equality
Winter No. 3: A Man for all Seasons
Fall No. 4: Law and Learning: Current Issues in Education

1997 – VOLUME 15
Spring No. 1: Citizen Lawyers
Summer No. 2: Civil Rights
Winter No. 3: In Bankruptcy: A Venue Under Siege
Fall No. 4: Ethics: Walking a Tightrope

1996 – VOLUME 14
Spring No. 1: Crossing the Line: Interstate Practice in the 90’s
Summer No. 2: Fiction: Spellbinding Summer Tales
Winter No. 3: Legal Education
Fall No. 4: Law and Technology

1995 – VOLUME 13
Spring No. 1: The Healthcare Revolution: The End of the Past
Summer No. 2: Retrospective: Prospective
Winter No. 3: Lawyer Lifestyles
Fall No. 4: Delaware: Small Wonder

1994 – VOLUME 12
Spring No. 1: Graven Images
Summer No. 2: Parent, Child, State: Families Redefined
Winter No. 3: Corporate Law in the Mid-Nineties
Fall No. 4: From the Bench

1993 – VOLUME 11
Spring No. 1: Who Owns the Civil War
Summer No. 2: Confronting the Ultimate Delinquency: Child Support Reform
Winter No. 3: Women in Delaware Law: A Status Report
Fall No. 4: A Profession Beleaguered?

1992 – VOLUME 10
Spring No. 1: The Profession: Confronting Change
Summer No. 2: The New Work Place
Winter No. 3:Education in Delaware
Fall No. 4: Seasons Greetings

1991 – VOLUME 9
Spring No. 1: Helping the Addicted Professional
Summer No. 2: Protecting the Irreplaceable
Winter No. 3: The Port of Wilmington: A Window on the World
Fall No. 4: 200 Years of Liberty

1990 – VOLUME 8
Spring No. 1: Litigation
Current Issues in Corporate Law
Prior Restraint at the Box Office

1989 – VOLUME 7
AIDS- Conference Report 1988
Tort Reform Anyone?
Intellectual Property
In Later Maturity Hi-Tech in the Profession

1987-1988 – VOLUME 6
Summer 1987 No. 1: Susan C. Del Pesco, President: Delaware State Bar Association
Fall 1987 No. 2: A Bicentennial Tribute
Winter 1988 No. 3: Trade in the Global Village
Spring 1988 No. 4: Quality of Life: Land Use and Development

1986- 1987 – VOLUME 5
Summer 1986 No. 1: Biotechnology and the Law
Fall 1986 No. 2: Civil Liberties in Delaware
Winter 1987 No. 3: Children at Risk
Spring 1987 No. 4: Isn’t it Romantic? Signing the Ante Nuptial Agreement

1985 – 1986 – VOLUME 4
Summer 1985 No. 1: The Elderly in Delaware: Looking into the Future!
Fall 1985 No. 2: Courts & Constituencies: Mediating Social Controversy
Winter 1986 No. 3: The Golden Age of the Disgruntled Consumer
Spring 1986 No. 4: Whither the Profession?

1984 -1985 – VOLUME 3
Lawyers and Government
Labor Unrest

1983 – 1984 – VOLUME 2
The Professions on Trial
Law and the Delaware Environment
The Court of Chancery

1982 – 1983 – VOLUME 1
First Issue (No Title)
Government, the Profession, Banking
The Changing Law of Domestic Relations